The East Lom Yomp 23rd Feb 2016

To the west lay the hazards of sheep rustling; to the east the death run to Falkland hill. Choose death said our leader G*****.   All was good at first with the trot through the trees but somewhere in the depths of Maspie my legs started to complain.  Luckily there were others even less fit – and younger and don’t think a training regime of McGuigans will get you up the Ben Mr J***!

We reached the steep slopes of  Falkland Hill where even our brains went walkabout and Mr T was spotted about to climb back into the forest we had just climbed out of??? But he’s from Perth! The pain was worth the effort with a big orange moon rising and funny looking clouds. Before we froze to the turf we hightailed back down. Gordie and Calum went ahead but Laurie’s short cut proved the faster even if my Duracell batteries went into the red zone.  A session of intensive care in the Miglo Inn revived bits that I thought had gone for ever.

Attendees: Callum, Gordon, Alan, Derek, Denise, Laurie, DaveT, Ian, Carole.

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