Being a Slomie, this was a real challenge for me..It was actually 27.2 miles of gruelling hills in Wales, Snowdonia National Park…quite a busy hill race, we set off from Llanberis at 9am..a bit on road to start through the town, then on to some gravel trail for a couple of miles, up hill by the way! we then ventured on to some grassy trail which led us to a stile which was queued up cos of the number of runners..and everyone was panicking about the cut off time at the Pen Y Pass..meanwhile the half marathoners were running by us on a different route ! Some of us opted to jump the barb wire fences which was not allowed but happened anyway…myself and Laura stayed in the queue like a well behaved Lomie and Falkland Trail Runner! 😂 Onward we went onto a few miles of Bog..and it was quite deep in some parts.Ugh!..I fell twice in the mud and Laura left me caught up with a bunch of slower runners at the slates and managed to pass them..when entering Snowdonia National Park, decide to do a loo stop ( it was a long road ahead)..crossed the railway that takes the train up to the summit of Snowdon and yonder..then the hard climb to the Pen Y Pass..didnt realise it was so high up..the sun was shining and it was hot! but onward I climbed and I could see a bus on the road above and the people …it looked so near but so far because of the steepness! I made it..with 15 minutes to spare..Yay I could climb Snowdon! One runner (maybe my age, or older?!)said to me.”Ahh we can relax now and take our time!.Whit??? This is a race Lady..and on I went! Snowdon was a hard climb and very rocky and very touristy!..had to take couple of stops on the way up to as I was at the point of retching up when you exert yourself so much! But I made the top..(not the tourist top) but it was the top! Then onwards down back to Llanberis, which was really steep..stony for a good few miles, then onto road which was equally steep, then into Llanberis the back way thru grassy park then onto the finish! 8hours and 7 minutes it took me, but it passed by in a flash…elevation gain 5,784ft..this is definitely a Lomie Run, and I know all you hard core Lomies can do this race much faster !


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    Colin Wilson
    2nd October 2017 (9:17 pm)

    That’s me signed up for next year Carole !!

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      13th October 2017 (8:48 pm)


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