Scotlandwell 29th March 2016

No winter blasts to spoil our first summer foray  this year. We were unled by a circuitous route to the crags. Feeling a bit fragile, Al made his way slowly to White Craig and waited until the Lomie rentamob popped out from the Golf ball. After a blether and photies, Gordon led off for the Bishop. Back at the Inn we enjoyed guid crack and reminisced on the delights of belting (Al-giving, Gord-receiving – a tale about a manhole cover and a ladder!) Our own crash test dummy popped in at the bar to join the fun. (report from Pats St Paddies day ‘out’ing??)

Attendees: Alan, Dave T, Denise, Carole, Pat, Olly, Ian E, Richard, Adrian, Derek, David E, Gordon, Donald.

2 Replies to "Scotlandwell 29th March 2016"

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    20th October 2014 (12:40 am)

    Coach has been awesome all season, keep the great work 😉

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    20th October 2014 (12:41 am)

    Lets give it up for coach

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