Scarf 1st March 2016

No room at the inn for us at Falkland so we decamped along to the Pillars car park. We eventually got under way but soon there were mutterings of ‘what about East Lom’. Gordie led the breakaway while Alan led his merry band through the mud and up to the monument. The Maidens (not Carole and Joan!) beckoned and it was good to be out on the open hill. With scarf fun ahead we took the direct route back to arrive just ahead of Gordon’s highlanders.

Along at the Miglo, Paddy the high priest of Scarf in ‘fool’ regalia awaited to induct Carole and DaveO into the Lomie hall of infamy and the big question at the prizegiving was:

“Tweedledum or Tweedledee

Are you a glum or are you a glee?”


Attendees: Alan, Derek, Laurie, Gordon, Dave T, Calum, David E, Ian E, Iain B, Denise, Carole, Jo, Colin, Joan, Richard, John, Joe, Dave O, Brian L, Pat, Andy.

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