Eildon 3 Hill Race 2017

Only Lomie at this Race….😕..arrived with 10 minutes to spare, a quick loo stop and pick up my number, and we were off!..This was a steep climb from the off..😝…and when I reached the summit of the first hill, the wind nearly blew me off the top..after that it was an undulating trail run around the other hill…(Eildon Mid Hill)…then a steep wee climb up that with the wind behind me..which helped!..then a horrible descent with sharp slidey stones….once I slomied down..it was a race to the finish…and Denise.(Thank you for the advice)..which I did not listen too!..do not run down the boardwalk steps..run down into the forest for a faster finish!..🏃🏻xx😂😳

1ST Male..Gavin Bryson..Edinburgh AC..35.58       1ST Female..Kirsty Wilson..Gala Harriers..43.28

1st M40 Peter Mackie..Shettleston Harriers..41.06         1st F40 Gillian Duncan…Gala Harriers…52.39

1st M50 Bob Johnson..Gala Harriers…45.08      1st F50 Veronique Oldham ..Cosmics..44.45

1st M60 Roger Coombs..Deeside Runners..47.56     1st F60 Patricia Affleck…unatached..57.02

1st M70 Hugh McPherson…Tinto Hill Runners..1.02.00

Carole Slomie Mallett..F50..Lomond Hill Runners..1.10.32



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