Dollar Hill Race 2017

I wasn’t the only Lomie at this race, bumped into David Osbourne and 2 other guys, one keeps meaning to join the club and the other is already a Lomie but never met him! (sorry forgot their names)! ……About 82 of us gathered for this epic steep race..which included a large group of males and females from France..along with their supporters..VIVE LA FRANCE!

I find this race extremely tough, especially on the first steep climb to Saddle Hill, at this point I was last with the tail runner close behind ! Once over the top and heading for Whitewisp Hill, visibility was poor, mist, rain and wind! I left the tail runner at Whitewisp and ran on towards Tarmangie in the thick mist…luckily he caught up with me because I was veering away from the summit of Tarmangie..once past there..we ran on to SkyThorn Hill only for my Tailrunner to lead me over the wrong stile..(cost me minutes in the race) but he apologised , but glad he was there..he helped pace me towards Andrew Gannel Hill, which at that point he had been told that 15 people had got lost and one actually ran to Tillicoultry! 😳 We headed on to Kings Seat Hill, which at that point he left me to my own devices as there was a bunch of people at the back of us ( the lost ones)! I slomied on down to Bank Hill, only to be passed by a French man and a Scotsman..(two of the 15 lost)!..made it back in one piece and not last ..and pretty pleased with my run!

Ps…after checking the Ochill hill running site…it was most of the Frenchies that got lost, and I was 2nd FSV…it pays to be a Slomie 👍🏼 x

1st male..Steve Feltbower..Ochill Hill Runners…1.21.44     1st female…..Catriona Buchan..Ochill Hill Runners….1.27.43

1st m40..John Connaghan…Shettleston Harriers…1.26.05     1st F40…Charlotte Morgan…Carnethy…..1.32.24

1st M50…Didier Fichet….Unattached….1.39.27       1st F50….Andrina Buchanan…..unattached…..2.10.21

1st M60….David Scott….Ochill Hill runners….1.49.30

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