Craig Mead 9th Feb 2016

An a bun dance of Lomies turned up for this frying delight nite or flying in pace terms for some leader.  Laurie assembled his pans people and we were soon offventuring westwards up toward west Lomond as the bakers dozen rose thruru the crusty Tundra, we met at the top where Pat offered round pancakes, alas no photo as the usual technical excuses from Pat came out rather syrupticiously at this point. With Carnethy in mind some split up taking the track back with nite bikers appearing at intervals I b leev the rest were looking 4 thornberries in a rather muddy dough youir supposed to pick them of the bush first.  Those who joined up later were able to partake with sabbatical member Robert the Bruce or was it in the bruce  Osborn as he had us all flapjacking so the moral 2nite was y have wan cake when u can have pancake


Attendees: Laurie, Andy C, Joe, DaveO, BrianL, Pat, DaveT, IainB, Denise – hope I’ve not left anyone out! 

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    20th October 2014 (12:43 am)

    This will be great for next season

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      20th October 2014 (12:44 am)

      Sure will be Dave 😉

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