Ben Nevis Race 2017

Well done to all the Lomies who took part in the Ben Nevis 2017 race once again, with fantastic finishing times as follows;   1:58:59        Fraser Scott 2:01:07        Cameron Watson 2:09:06       Kevin Peebles 2:16:19         Gordon Pryde 2:19:01         Adrian ... More

Creag Mead 19th September 2017

It was like the good old days with a gaggle of Lomies gathering at Creag Mead. After some humming (Gordie) and hawing (Alan) we made a move in the direction of the Maiden (not Sarah!) where we basked in the light of the setting sun. The race trod was trodded to West Lomond where we basked again. With darkness creeping in ... More

The East Lom Yomp 23rd Feb 2016

To the west lay the hazards of sheep rustling; to the east the death run to Falkland hill. Choose death said our leader G*****.   All was good at first with the trot through the trees but somewhere in the depths of Maspie my legs started to complain.  Luckily there were others even less fit - and younger and don't think ... More

Cleish Hill 5th April 2016

An elite Lomie squad gathered on 5th April 2015 for some hard training - but not at the Cleish! Runmaster Gordie had to make do with Al, DaveT, IanB, IanE and Deek. He led us off on the usual route over the Innians (at least the watchman thought we were fast!) We braved the trees, followed Gordie who was following Jack and ... More

Scotlandwell 29th March 2016

No winter blasts to spoil our first summer foray  this year. We were unled by a circuitous route to the crags. Feeling a bit fragile, Al made his way slowly to White Craig and waited until the Lomie rentamob popped out from the Golf ball. After a blether and photies, Gordon led off for the Bishop. Back at the Inn we ... More

‘Perth Posse Invitation’ 8th March 2016

They say a change is as good as rest.  I changed but then there was no rest.  We chuntered up the bonny wee Buckie glen from the Cherrybank Inn towards the motorway.  Not actually running up the central reservation but it felt a bit like it until we crossed a footbridge and escaped into wild woods and then bonny hill ... More

Scarf 1st March 2016

No room at the inn for us at Falkland so we decamped along to the Pillars car park. We eventually got under way but soon there were mutterings of 'what about East Lom'. Gordie led the breakaway while Alan led his merry band through the mud and up to the monument. The Maidens (not Carole and Joan!) beckoned and it was good ... More

Bishop John’s handicap 16th Feb 2016

We came. We raced. We got wet. We slithered and slid. We had fun. Some fell.  Some went astray. All returned safe! We enjoyed team bonding in the Well Inn. Laurie won! Thanks to John. Attendees: Gordon, Calum, Alan, Laurie, DaveH, DaveT, IanB, IanE, Joan, Colin, Jean, Gus, Richard, John, (sorry not sure I saw ... More

Craig Mead 9th Feb 2016

An a bun dance of Lomies turned up for this frying delight nite or flying in pace terms for some leader.  Laurie assembled his pans people and we were soon offventuring westwards up toward west Lomond as the bakers dozen rose thruru the crusty Tundra, we met at the top where Pat offered round pancakes, alas no photo as ... More

White Craigs Whistletop Tour 2nd Feb 2016

Hurricane Henry had just wheeched away but the wind chill had us hiding in the cars until Laurie said follow me. We set off on the magical mystery tour via woodland trails, fences (barbed) and boggy moor that only Laurie knew and then even he was lost. We found an endless cut through the trees and followed the fingertip ... More