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LAKELAND 5 PASSES….a must for all you hard core Lomies!

The morning of 16th June, and we all gather in the Grasmere Village Hall, for our race numbers and our checkpoint stuff! (bit of laminated plastic with the checkpoints written on, then its snipped off when you reach that point!) Weather was awful...heavy rain and low cloud! This was the inaugural Lakeland 5 passes, and I ... More


Only 2 Lomies as far as I know did this race, myself and Colin Wilson....We all set off at 9am from the Red Squirrel Campsite in 5 minute waves in the pouring rain and wind! A slight uphill start but not too much, my knee was strapped up because of a niggle but it disappeared after a couple of miles! It was wet feet from ... More

Lomies 30th Anniversary

It's the Lomies 30th Anniversary on November 2017.  Founded in 1987, the Lomies first hill race was Tinto. A strong club presence would be good at this years race to mark the occasion.  Entries open on 2nd October on SI Entries only, race date is 11th November. Back in 1987, there were 139 runners in the first Tinto ... More


Being a Slomie, this was a real challenge for me..It was actually 27.2 miles of gruelling hills in Wales, Snowdonia National Park...quite a busy hill race, we set off from Llanberis at 9am..a bit on road to start through the town, then on to some gravel trail for a couple of miles, up hill by the way! we then ventured ... More

Dollar Hill Race 2017

I wasn't the only Lomie at this race, bumped into David Osbourne and 2 other guys, one keeps meaning to join the club and the other is already a Lomie but never met him! (sorry forgot their names)! ......About 82 of us gathered for this epic steep race..which included a large group of males and females from France..along ... More

Eildon 3 Hill Race 2017

Only Lomie at this Race....😕..arrived with 10 minutes to spare, a quick loo stop and pick up my number, and we were off!..This was a steep climb from the off..😝...and when I reached the summit of the first hill, the wind nearly blew me off the top..after that it was an undulating trail run around the other ... More